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What is an OTT device and why am I having trouble playing BKFC contents on them?

Most OTT devices can stream BKFC content, but some may not be able to due to technical limitations. These devices may not have enough processing power or memory to handle the streaming content. As technology advances, some devices may become outdated and no longer supported by their manufacturers, leading to slower performance, compatibility problems, and security vulnerabilities.


To ensure the best streaming experience, it's recommended to do the following:

  1. Upgrade to a newer device that is supported by its manufacturer.
  2. Regularly check with their device manufacturers to ensure that their devices are still supported and receive software updates.


Larger streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have the advantage of more resources to invest in the necessary infrastructure and testing required to ensure their apps work seamlessly across a wide range of OTT devices. Smaller streaming apps may have limited access to technical support and documentation, making it harder for them to develop apps that are compatible with all devices.


Certain streaming apps may not work with some OTT devices due to minimum system requirements, unavailability of the app in the device's app store, or technical limitations. The BKFC Technology team is constantly updating our software to ensure that our streaming service is compatible with as many systems and devices as possible. We appreciate fans reporting any issues or improvements they notice on their devices, as this helps us keep our service viable as technology constantly evolves.

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