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Using Google Chromecast / Android Devices

It is important to understand that Google uses the same name for “devices” called Chromecast as well as the “service” Chromecast or “casting.” This article is specifically for those using a Chromecast device. If you are trying to Chromecast or “cast” from your phone/laptop/TVs using Chrome from a browser and need help, see this article.


Supported Devices: Any Android TV Google certified device
Supported OS Versions: Android 10 and above


Google Chrome devices offer BKFC subscriptions that can be purchased and managed via the Google Play store or via BKFC’s website at https://accounts.bkfc.com/. You will find the same priced subscriptions offered in the Play Store as on BKFC’s website.

However, Google does not allow coupons or discounts to be applied in their store purchase process. If you have a coupon or discount code, you must buy your BKFC subscription via our website to apply those discounts and/or coupons.

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