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Subscription Details

Bare Knuckle offers two ways of purchasing a subscription.  

  1. Website Subscription
    Directly purchase through our https://watch.bareknuckle.tv/ website on any website-supported medium.

  2. Third-party Billing
    You can purchase through our app partners - Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple, and Google. 

The prices are standard for both purchase types:

  • The monthly plan is $7.99
  • The yearly plan is at $49.99 (which is a 28% saving versus the monthly payment!)

Our yearly pricing option gets you access to all regular content and events. You will see marketing from time to time on other outlets selling all BKFC live events as pay-per-views, but if you have a subscription, the majority of live events are included.

BKFC may host 2 to 3 large venue pay-per-view events each year. Subscribers will be offered significant discounts available only through the BKFC website.




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